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The Money Mindset Mentoring Podcast
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#38 Stability vs Security, Abundance vs Scarcity with Chad Hufford

E38 • May 6, 2024 • 30 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen converses with Chad Hufford about the importance of long-term financial security, setting specific goals and seeing money as a tool for building a job optional lifestyle. They delve into the mindset shift required in careers and investments, the role of parental influence in shaping financial habits, and the discipline required for financial planning.

Key Points

  • Choosing stability over long-term security by avoiding market fluctuations can lead to guaranteed long-term loss as inflation erodes purchasing power.
  • Wealth should be viewed as a tool to build a life of independence, freedom, dignity, and flexibility, rather than as an end in itself, to create a meaningful and purpose-driven future.
  • Embracing a mindset of abundance and being willing to take risks is crucial for growth, as protecting oneself from failure often results from a scarcity mindset that inhibits achieving one's dreams.

Chad Hufford



As a Financial Planner at Veritas Wealth Management and Dave Ramsey's SmartVestor Pro, I´m passionate about helping people make their dreams come true and not only change the trajectory of their finances but transform their lives.

Investing and planning for retirement can be a challenging and even frustrating process. I help take the confusion and anxiety out of investing while guiding investors on a tailored path to financial independence.

Have you found yourself having these feelings:

❌Stressed because of the uncertain and tumultuous state of the oil industry and the economy overall, making planning for the future even more challenging

❌Worried about the lack of clear financial objectives leaving you merely collecting investments rather than building towards generational wealth.

❌Anxious about not be prepared for retirement and having to rejoin workforce.

❌Concerned about the toll that challenging schedules and the harsh conditions of the North Slope have on your health and relationships, pushing you to consider early retirement?

Perhaps you never had the chance to find a trusted authority in the Financial Planning, Retirement, and Investment space.

Perhaps you are too busy to get the chance to sit down and think about these important aspects of your life and business that may go overlooked.

Well, I’m very proud to say that thanks to the experience and expertise serving oil and gas professionals as a financial planner and investment coach I can help you with things like

✔ Feeling confident about your future with proactive and ongoing investor performance coaching that goes beyond finding you the appropriate investments and effectively transforms you into a better investor.

✔ Experiencing clarity because with a financial blueprint to guide your saving and investing decisions, letting you know if you are on track for retirement.

✔ Empowering you with resilience and perseverance so you stay on the charted path and execute your plan with consistency and precision.

✔ Having security and peace of mind knowing that you have a personalized investment strategy tailored to your specific long–term goals which move you from merely collecting investments to intentionally and strategically building generational wealth towards a desired future.

To learn more about how we can help you reach business stability, please shoot me a direct message through LinkedIn or use the contact information below:

☏ (907) 561-2462 ✉ [email protected]

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