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The Money Mindset Mentoring Podcast
Steve Hamoen covers sales and marketing mastery to overcoming challenges, scaling through team development, and harnessing the power of mentorship for rapid growth.
Steve Hamoen

#30 LinkedIn mastery, profile optimization, networking, with Marc W. Halpert

E30 • Apr 15, 2024 • 36 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen and LinkedIn expert Marc W. Halpert discuss how to leverage LinkedIn for business growth. Topics include crafting effective headlines, optimizing key profile sections, creating engaging content, and the importance of calls to action. They also delve into understanding your market, using high-level language, and the benefits of LinkedIn Learning and coaching. The episode concludes with a case study on implementing uniform LinkedIn practices in a corporate setting.

Key Points

  • Maintaining an effective LinkedIn profile requires a compelling headline, an engaging about section, and a detailed experience section that collectively communicate how you can help potential connections.
  • Regularly producing and sharing valuable content on LinkedIn is crucial, leveraging four types of posts: sharing knowledge, evoking feelings, establishing beliefs, and incorporating calls to action.
  • Understanding and utilizing LinkedIn's search function with relevant keywords is essential for increasing visibility and attracting high net-worth individuals or specific target audiences.

Marc W. Halbert: Bio: LinkedIn™ laureate; 1:1 coach, group trainer, author, speaker, strategic marketing consultant, evangelist. I help serious professionals tell WHY they do what they do, making them "amazing-er" than their competitors!

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