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#44 Demystifying book publishing. From writer's block to bestseller status with Andrea Putting

E44 • May 20, 2024 • 21 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen is joined by Andrea Putting. They discuss overcoming writer's block, the critical role of editing, and how to achieve bestseller status on Amazon. They delve into the strategies for a successful book launch and using a book as a lead magnet. Finally, they demystify the book publishing process.

Key Points

  • Starting to write a book can build confidence and validate one's expertise by consolidating knowledge and ideas into one place.
  • An essential step after writing a book is to have it professionally edited to ensure clarity, flow, and to address any overlooked errors or repetitive content.
  • To successfully launch a book and potentially achieve best-seller status on platforms like Amazon, it's crucial to select the right categories and organize a strategic campaign focused on maximizing sales within a specific timeframe.
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