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#43 AI in the workforce and balancing action with strategy, featuring Chris Troka

E43 • May 17, 2024 • 34 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen and Chris Troka discuss the impact of AI on workforce adaptation, Troka's transition from DJing to marketing, and the importance of team problem-solving in business growth. They also delve into podcasting for business growth, monetization strategies, striking a balance between action and strategy, and the role of passion and purpose in entrepreneurship.

Key Points

  • AI integration into the workforce is inevitable, and business owners should focus on leveraging it to assign employees to higher-value tasks rather than replacing them.
  • Entrepreneurs should approach problems as opportunities for growth, and building a team capable of solving significant issues can help scale a business effectively.
  • In podcasting, having a clear strategy and end goal is crucial for success, and utilizing the platform for networking and gaining insights can be more valuable than traditional monetization methods.

About Chris Troka

Christopher’s Profile Websites (Personal) (Company)

Bio: As a founder and owner of two businesses, I have more than 10 years of experience in creating, improving, and accelerating businesses. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.

I offer website, marketing and technology services that leverage AI, Automation, CRM, and social media to build relationships and generate leads. I am certified by HubSpot and Google in inbound marketing, social media, and Google My Business, and earned my Marketing Degree in 2021. I also run a successful wedding DJ and photo booth service that has won multiple awards from The Knot. I pride myself on providing above and beyond customer service with timely communication and results.

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