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#35 If Nature does not waste, why do humans and what to do about it with Michael Rada

E35 • Apr 29, 2024 • 45 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen hosts Michael Rada, founder of Industry 5.0. They explore the concept of a wasteless world, discussing waste prevention frameworks, the 6R methodology, and societal productivity. They delve into the impact of AI on productivity, the relationship between waste and profit, and the limitations of Lean and Six Sigma. The conversation turns to the problems with recycling, time waste, and the value of silence. The episode concludes with the importance of asking questions to understand waste.

Key Points

  • Industry 5.0 seeks to restore the broken connection between nature and the human-made ecosystem, emphasizing the prevention of waste rather than its creation.
  • Social waste refers to the underutilization of individuals and resources within a society, including the undervalued contributions of the young, elderly, and those with disabilities.
  • The concept of time as a form of waste highlights the importance of valuing and efficiently using our time, which is one of the most valuable assets we receive at birth.

Michael Rada



INDUSTRY 5.0 DIARY publishing since 2014

IBCSD LAB s.r.o. is a ground stone of IBCSD - INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CENTER of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. It is a new global industry aiming at prevention of Industrial Waste. It is the first ever upcycling industry launched globally. My aim as IBCSD President and Project Father is to ZEROnize the volume of waste and warranty work to people who would like to work for 65% of achieved profit. The aim reason for IBCSD LAB and IBCSD Network setup is the creation of the world without waste and this is why we realize projects PREVENTING WASTE HAPPEN. How to do, is presented in my 2015 NEW YEARS GREETING, see yourself -

LOGISTICS EFFICIENCY DESIGN is the new tool for increasing the GSC efficiency and reduce cost, It is my task to spread the knowledge and know-how and implement the tool within the client´s environments in the Czech Republic, Europe, so as worldwide.

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Specializing in efficiency and cost reduction issues. The main aspect of my approach is to change from a cost center to profit center, reduction of the negative environmental impact of GSC so as for increase of packaging and processing efficiency. Efficient packaging design and development.

Main tools are Experience, daily touch with the industrial and logistics environment so as L.E.D., Industrial Upcycling, LEAN, 5S, KANBAN, 6R, CTM and strong business network.

Logistics - since 1991 Purchase Far East since 2004 SOLAR and WIND ENERGY renewable business since 2006

Specialties: Bilingual Czech, Slovak, English, German, understanding of Polish, Russian Strong negotiation skills and rich contacts in international so as local business environment.

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