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The Money Mindset Mentoring Podcast
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Steve Hamoen

#40 Martial arts, Gold Market to AI with Michael George

E40 • May 10, 2024 • 32 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen and Michael George discuss the role of spectacle in fighting, the integration of martial arts in championships, and personal branding in business. They also delve into men's health, the gold and Bitcoin market, food product quality, and the potential of AI and bionic replacements.

Key Points

  • Effective marketing in combat sports is not just about the fight itself but also about creating a spectacle and engaging the audience to care about the event.
  • Diversifying business ventures and strategically interlinking them, such as combining a marketing business with a jewelry business, can lead to mutual growth and increased credibility for both.
  • Incorporating imperfections into AI communication can create a more authentic and human-like interaction, making the technology more relatable and effective.

Michael George


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