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#42 The evolution of real estate, harnessing an abundance mindset with David I Hill

E42 • May 15, 2024 • 31 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen and guest David I Hill delve into the world of real estate, discussing the importance of leads and listings, and the challenges of working with buyers in todays market. They also explore the power of an abundance mindset and professional conduct in the industry, drawing comparisons with the travel sector.

Key Points

  • Market knowledge is critical for real estate professionals; understanding every property sold in the market, migration patterns, average sale prices, and days on market is essential to provide the best service to clients.
  • To succeed in real estate, focus on motivated sellers, such as those with expired listings or for sale by owners, and always aim to attract more listings through strategic questioning and targeted marketing.
  • Being a professional in real estate means not only having in-depth market knowledge but also presenting oneself confidently, being punctual, well-dressed, and fully understanding one's own company's strengths to convey credibility and reliability to clients.

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About I help salespeople increase production and income through specialized sales training and coaching.

Over 1000 Homes Sold. Member of the Gary Keller private mastermind 2011-2014 Keller Williams Certified National Instructor since 2013. Graduate of Dale Carnegie Effective Communications Curriculum • Podcast Host – Path to Mastery (National Real Estate Sales Podcast) Guests include Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Mel Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, and many more. • Author of Amazon Best Selling Book, The Sales Playbook • David is an International One Thing Certified Trainer. 3 amazing daughters Jaquilyn 9, Samara 8, and Penelope 5 and married his beautiful wife Vee.

David lives by the famous words of Zig Ziglar “Help enough people get what they want, and you end up with what you want.” My talent is Persistence!

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