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#29 Linking Macroeconomics to Personal Finance with with Bryan Kuderna

E29 • Mar 27, 2024 • 35 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen and guest Bryan Kuderna discuss the psychology of money and the question, "What should I do with my money?". They delve into macroeconomics, the concept of givers and takers, and the impact of the population. They also examine the balance between socialism and capitalism, the influence of tech wealth, and the intersection of religion and politics in economic decisions. They end with practical advice on personal finance management.

Key Points

  • Big tech companies' control over data and communication channels can significantly influence society's beliefs and behaviors, similarly to the historical power of religion.
  • Understanding personal finance involves a four-step process: protection first, building liquidity, eliminating high-interest debt, and finally wealth accumulation.
  • The blend of capitalist and socialist elements within an economy needs careful balance, and shifts towards one side can have significant consequences on economic policies and individual financial decisions.

To Reach out to Bryan Kuderna:

For his book on What to do with my money?

About Bryan Kuderna: Bryan M. Kuderna is the founder of Kuderna Financial Team. He is a perennial qualifier for the industry’s prestigious Million Dollar Round Table®, Leaders Club, and Inner Circle. He was named one of New Jersey’s Leaders in Finance by NJBIZ in 2021.

Bryan has a Master of Financial Services from The American College and a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics from The College of New Jersey. He has also studied at The University of Tampa and The University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic. He holds the professional designations of Certified Financial Planner™, Retirement Income Certified Professional®, and Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow®.

Bryan is a contributor to Forbes, CNBC, Success, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Newsmax and more. He hosts The Kuderna Podcast, regularly featuring renowned guests discussing the pursuit of wealth. He is the author of "What Should I Do with My Money? Economic Insights to Build Wealth Amid Chaos", "Anoroc", and "Millennial Millionaire: A Guide to Become a Millionaire by 30".

In his spare time, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Anita, and their three children. He loves staying active, whether it be practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, completing the Ironman in Mont Tremblant, Canada, or traveling. Bryan's goal in writing both fiction and nonfiction is to entertain readers and open their minds, especially for youth. Bryan is active in his church and Rotary club.

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