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#39 Exploring AI in biotech, blockchain's role in identity verification and the future of tokenization with Ray Dogum

E39 • May 8, 2024 • 32 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen and guest Ray Dogum delve into AI's potential in biotech, investment decisions, drug discovery, and clinical trials. They also discuss concerns over data monopolization, the transformative impact of AI on podcasting, the importance of blockchain for identity verification, and the volatility of cryptocurrency markets. The conversation concludes with reflections on technology dependency and the resilience of Bitcoin.

Key Points

  • Embracing AI as a tool for enhancing productivity and decision-making in industries like biotech and pharmaceuticals can accelerate drug development and make complex processes more efficient.
  • Blockchain technology offers a promising solution to issues of data immutability and authentication, potentially revolutionizing areas like healthcare, digital identity verification, and fraud prevention.
  • The speculative nature of cryptocurrencies is expected to diminish over time as the utility of blockchain technology increases, with applications like NFTs for prescriptions hinting at future practical uses.

About Ray Dogum


BIO: I believe there is a huge disconnect between how we, as consumers and patients, perceive our individual health and how the healthcare industry may try to manage positive outcomes of population health. I wish to catalyze the convergence of medical technology, connected devices, decentralized cloud-based health records, and genomic data in order to better care for lives.

Curiosity and passion have driven me to pursue a career in healthcare innovation. I hope to utilize my MS in Information Systems and MBA in Health Sector Management to decipher real-world digital evidence and provide people with accurate and actionable health advice. I love working with fast-paced teams and getting everyone involved by having fun and listening well. I get excited about good ideas and I believe that every contributor on my team can be a rock-star when properly inspired.

I’m especially interested in the management of our aging population and the question of how mortality is discussed in healthcare systems and society. The ethos of life, physical health, and mental well-being are interconnected contexts that I consider important in the design of our future healthcare ecosystems.

Strengths and Skills: Project Management | Leadership | Relationship-Building | Strategy | Innovation

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