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#41 Leadership burnout, recovery and the transformative power of self-care with Peter Sorgenfrei

E41 • May 13, 2024 • 34 mins

In this episode, Steve Hamoen and Peter Sorgenfrei delve into the topic of leadership burnout. They discuss its signs, impacts, and the resistance in seeking help. They explore cultural differences in addressing burnout and compare leadership styles. The importance of early mental health strategies and the role of meditation and physical activity in maintaining mental health are also discussed.

Key Points

  • Effective leadership starts with the ability to lead oneself, maintaining personal well-being, and not losing oneself to the stresses and challenges of the job.
  • Leaders should cultivate healthy habits, have a trusted person to provide honest feedback, and stay mindful of early warning signs like deteriorating boundaries and changing behavior to prevent burnout.
  • Embracing vulnerability as a leader can lead to support in unexpected ways, enhancing professional life and acknowledging that leadership development is an ongoing process.

Peter Sorgenfrei

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In 2019, I got sick from working. It was a stress-induced condition. I was sidelined for 12 weeks until my board fired me. In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise. In 15 years, I had built 6 companies. I had grown a two-man garage startup to lead hundreds of people across multiple continents. All this time, I had been missing someone to talk to. Someone who wasn’t my board, investor, spouse, or friend. Who could teach me how to live a healthier lifestyle as a founding CEO. A fellow CEO/founder who could help me identify and dissolve the root causes of my stress. Someone who understood the unique challenges of founding and leading a Series A funded startup. While I was recovering, I started adopting better habits: ocean plunges, daily meditation, long walks in the woods, and better nutrition. I started to heal, gaining more calmness, clarity, and direction. I started to wonder if more founding CEOs had the same problems and desires. I wrote to 40 CEOs and founders around the world who didn’t know me. “That sounds amazing, how much is it and how can we get started?” And that was it.

Since then I’ve coached over 25 CEOs and founders, some with 6 people on their team. Others with 300+. My clients became calmer, clearer, and happier after we worked together. Marriages have been saved. Relationships rekindled. Bankruptcies avoided. Mergers and acquisitions happened. The value, joy, and unlocked performance as a result of working together are limitless. It was the foundation of the Whole Human Approach. Sounds good? Great. DM me “WHOLE" if you:

  1. Are a CEO or founder
  2. You know something needs to change
  3. You want to work on yourself and you are ready to commit

... and I'll send you the full details. Money-back guarantee (never been used).

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